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AIRESTUDIO GEOINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, S. COOP Albert Einstein, 44 Edificio E6 oficina 08   01510 Miñano Álava +34 945256102 Lorenzo Díaz de Apodaca                       Concrete geometric documentation of facilities, assets and products. Collaborative robotics and 3D digitalization, using systems of measurement of coordinates, drones, terrestrial or aerial scaners and robotic arms orientated to Maintenance, planning of plants, design, documentation, quality control, calibration, safety and formation. For instance, engineering service, some of the solutions that we offer are Digitalization and 3D Metrology - Inverse Engineering - Models As Built for documentation - Models As Built for the redesign of plants - precise Positioning of tools - control of geometric quality in production - Documentation of machinery and lines of production - 3D Models for simulations of interferences in new implantations       - Calibrations and periodic external certifications of the equipments of measurement     - Automotive - Aeronautical - electrical Lines - Project engineering - public and civil Work - Maintenance of Machinery
ALIFUNSA, S.L. Subinoa, s/n Gojain 01170 LEGUTIANO ALAVA +34 945 465 868 +34 945 465 869 Jesús Nieto López                     22 Smelting all kinds of metals: stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminium and special different alloys of high resistance to the abrasion.       ISO 9001:2015 TÜV THEINLAND CERTIFICATION OF QUALIT SYSTEM + AD200 MERKBLATT WO Spectrometer of emission (with four bases) Penetrating liquids. Hardness tester. - bronze: valves, rotors, bombs and industrial pieces - stainless steel: valves, impellers, bombs, and industrial pieces - aluminium: clutches, valves and industrial pieces   - chemistry industry and petrochemistry:60 - naval industry: 20 - agricultural machinery: 10 - industrial machinery: 10
ALUR MECANIZADOS ESPECIALES SL San Andrés, 1, pab. 3 Gojain   01171 LEGUTIANO ALAVA +34945465681 +34 945 465 601   D. Javier Urdangarín                     Mechanized under customer design of small, medium and big pieces (max. 30 T.) in unitary quantities or short or medium series. Our specialization is to do pieces of average and big size. Assembly of sets and / or subsets. Manufacture of aeronautical tools for assembly, check and control. We guarantee the absolute satisfaction of the client in all the products and services that we offer.       NORM UN-UNE ISO 9001:2000        
AMETS S.L. P. Industrialdea Pab.1.1 y 1.   01400 LLODIO ALAVA +34 946722453 +34 946724026 Alazne Aldaiturriaga                     Mechanized in general of all kinds of pieces for take-off of shaving. For it we use wheels of numerical control, centers of mechanized and grinding machines. We are specialized in the manufacture and assembly of precision tools for such diverse sectors as the industries of glass containers, automotive, extrusion of the aluminium, metalworking, etc. We provide mechanized of: - numerical Control in 3, 4 and 5 axes - conventional machining- Precise machining on the basis of the map or system CAD-CAM - Complete subsets - Machining of prototypes       Certifications UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 AND OHSAS 18001 certified by AENOR.        
AMURRIO FERROCARRIL Y EQUIPOS S.A. C/ Maskuribai 10 Maskuribai   01470 AMURRIO ALAVA +34 945891600 +34 945892480 D. Jose Miguel Gutierrez                       Manufacture under order of railway material: Wheelsets, wheels, bogies, journal boxes, ceilings, pivots and other parts of coaches and locomotives Manufacture of industrial equipments for the steel and metal industry, the glass industry,the cement plants, coal and chemistry. Smelting of carbon steel and alloyed from 50 to 5500 kg / piece.       ISO-9001, RENFE, SNCF, BRITISH RAILWAYS. DSBANE, SNCB, RATP, TCDD.       RAILROAD, CAPITAL GOODS, METALLURGICAL INDUSTRY, CEMENT PLANTS AND THE COAL. DIEING.
AURRENAK, S.COOP. c/ Vitorialanda, 15   01010 Vitoria-Gasteiz ALAVA +34 945 00 34 70 - Juan Arrilucea                     106 Design and manufacture of molds and tools for the industry of the smelting of iron and aluminium                
BAUMANN MUELLES, S.A. C/ Padurea 13 P.I. Gojain 01170 Legutiano ALAVA +34 945 465 510 +34 945 465 529 Marcos Moratinos                     Manufacture of wharves: traction, compression and twist. Manufacture of pieces shaped of wire. Superficial organic and inorganic coverings for cvold immersion. Vibrated and grit blasting Manufacture of hubcap hoops     ISO 9001:2000 ISO/TS 16949 ISO 14001   steel for wharves   Automotive, electronics and electricity
BEREIKER SL Pol. Ind. De Gojain. San Andrés, 1 Pabellón 5     Legutiano Alava +34 945 465 460 +34945 465 461 D. Guillermo Ulrich                     Study, Development, Manufacture, Assembly, Designed, SAT and commercialization of systems of fixation and subordination and the automation of industrial processes. A significant part of our work is orientated for the sectors of Printing; Mechanized, Fixation and Control; special machinery, research and development andadvanced Manufacture. We have wide experience in the Railway sector: Machinery and Tools · We are a supplier of integral turnkey solutions Moveable ties · Charging panels · Hydraulic Groups · Transfer process Systems     UNE EN ISO 9001:2008       Industry in general. Automotive, Aeronautics, Railway, Wind sector, Domestic appliance, Machine tool, White Line …
Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L. PARQUE TECNOLÓGICO DE ALAVA, EDIF. E3 (C/Albert Einstein, 25)   01510 Miñano ALAVA +34 945 29 82 64 +34 945 29 82 92 Diego Gutiérrez Alonso                     13 Boutefeu Engineering and Development, S.L. is a company specialized in services of Engineering of Industrial Plants and Architecture. For more than 25 years we have been the CONFIDENCE ENGINEERING of our clients, to whom we give services of DETAIL ENGINEERING, betting always for the QUALITY as a maximum premise. Though we offer SOLUTIONS adapted to the concrete need of our clients, we can emphasize the following activities: · Implantation and Industrial Urbanization · Civil Engineering of structures of concrete or metallurgies, foundations of special machines, etc. · Pipelines of process, calculation of stress, gas conduits, etc. · Containers pressurized and vacuum, columns, interchangers, etc. · Industrial Engineering · Facilities and General Services for production · Design of Facilities · Singular Architecture · Design and accomplishment of studies and technical projects of Engineering and Architecture · Direction and technical Supervision of work · Coordination in terms of safety and health · Act " Key in hand "                
BULTZAKI SL Escalmendi 11   01013 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA 945128001 945128271 Dª M.A. Saiz Landa                   6500 47 Manufacture of wharves of compression so much in cold or hot process. Our range of machines of compression allows us work between 0,10 up to 16 mm of diameter at col process and from 16 to 60 mm at warm process. Wharves of traction with a diameter of wire from 0,15 mm up to 16 mm with English hook, American one or enclosures. Wharves of twist from 0,15 to 12 mm of wire. Shaped of pieces of wire of special forms in three dimensions. From 0.2 to 16 mm of diameter of wire. Manufacture of rods from 0.1mm up to 16 mm without scarcely tools of production. Shaped of pipe of 2 mm up to a maximum of diameter of pipe of 42 mm x 2mm of thickness, with possibilities of squashed bevels, holes, weld. Manufacture of welded sets not only MIG but also resistance for the industry of automotion, domestic appliance and special needs. 13 Machine CNC WAFIOS manufacture of wharves compression. All of them with statistical built-in control 11 Machines WAFIOS FTU for manufacture of wharves of twist. 12 Machines WAFIOS automated FMU and 13 Machines WAFIOS FMU automated for wharves of special forms. 9 Machines double pipe Wafios BMZ 2 Machines which fold wire and bed spring. 7 Machines of rectified of wharves 1 Blasting wheel 6 Printing press from 30 to 160 tn.. 3 Wheels reels up to diameter 20, 35 and 60 mm. Of bar. 3 Vibratings. 1 Machine ultrasounds. 3 robots of welds. 1 Oven for tempering of 6 m of length. 21 Ovens of annealing.3 Machines of oxycutting. 3 Chains with his corresponding vats for tempering. 1Milling machine FT1-Lagun Mechanized Center-Lagun GVC 1000 Milling machine Lagún GNC 3 BONUS 13 CNC WAFIOS machine for compression spring manufacturing. All of them with incorporated statistical control 11 WAFIOS FTU machines for torque spring manufacturing. 12 WAFIOS FMU robotised machines and 13 WAFIOS FMU robotised machines for special-shaped springs. 9 Wafios BMZ pipe bending machines 2 wire and strap bending machines. 7 spring grinding machines 1 shotblaster 6 30-160 tn stamping presses. . 3 winding lathes, diameters up to 20, 35 and 60 mm. 3 vibrators. 1 ultrasound machine. 3 welding robots. 1 6m-long hardening furnace. 21 Annealing furnaces. 3 oxicut machines. 3 chains with corresponding hardening barrels. 1 FT1-Lagun milling machine Lagun GVC 1000 mechanisation centre Lagún GNC 3 PLUS milling machine   Company with Certificate of Registered Enterprise by AENOR. ISO 9000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 3 load machine of up to 10 T compression and traction with up to 3 kg precision. torque meter of 0.1-100 N/m and 0.01-20kg/cm 2 section projectors TRIMEK three-dimensional machines Durometer Cameras to view and check the 100% of the pieces Carbon steels, stainless steels, galvanised steels, copper and alloyed steels. Design and own Manufacture of tools both of control and of production. Automotive, Electrical Appliances, Electrical, Electronics, Industry in general, Construction.
BURDINBERRI SL Zorrostea 4 Ali-Gobeo 01010 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 242 300 +34 945 248966 D. José Manuel Gárate                 5000 56 Machining of high quality precision tooling for major sectors. Our product range includes the design and manufacture of the following types of tools: MOULDS: Produced in various materials such as aluminum, steel, Invar, etc.. PLANING and / or DRILLING: Produced in materials such as steel, aluminum or various polymers ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION: From the assembly of small groups to large tooling for assembly or drilling of complete units. GAUGES AND CONTROL EQUIPMENT RESIN MODELS FOR NICKEL TOOLING.   Engineering: Design: 8 CATIA v5 workstations, 2 CATIA v4 workstations and 2 UNIGRAPHICS NX workstations. CNC Programming: 2 CATIA V5 workstations, 2 UNIGRAPHICS NX workstations, 3 WORKNC workstations and 2 CAMAX workstations. Simulation: IGRIP (robotic simulation). PLM / PDM: SMARTEAM. Microsoft Project Server (planning software). Machinery: 5-axis CNC machines: DECKEL MAHO CENTER 160U High Speed R03;R03;(1600x1250x1000) DECKEL MAHO 60T CENTER-High Speed R03;R03;(780x560x560) 30KCU-14000 MILLING MACHINE High Speed R03;R03;(14000x1500x3500) BRIDGE MILLING MACHINE KP-6500 (6210x3300x1500) BRIDGE MILLING MACHINE TEBAS-5000 (5100X3800X1300) 3-axis CNC machines: 30KMU CENTER-10000 (8400x1500x3000) 20KF-3000 MILLING MACHINE (2700x1200x1500) (Quantity: 2) 30KF-4000 MILLING MACHINE (3700x1200x1500) 30KF-3500 MILLING MACHINE (3000x1200x1500) CENTER GVC-600 (720x350x150) CENTER MC-1000 (1000x500x510) Lathes, grinders, drills, tapping machines, saws ... 6 cranes from 5 to 21 tons., 2 forklifts. UNE-EN 9100:2010 UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 CA-HEGAN S020-01/02: Approved for AIRBUS and EADS-CASA for LASER-TRACKER measuring and INVAR welding. Isothermal room with two coordonates measuring machines: DEA and STIEFLEMAYER. Laser Tracker AT-901-LR Laser Tracker LTD-840 Calipers, gauges, micrometers,alexómetros, surface roughness testers ... Steel, aluminum, bronze, plastics, several alloys.   AERONAUTICS, NAVAL, AEROSPACE, AUTOMOTIVE, CAPITAL GOODS.
BURULAN, S.A. Ptal. de Zurbano 27   01013 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 286 786 +34 945 263 903 D. Juan José Urrutia                       Mechanized in general and for numerical control. Assembly and manufacture of sets. System CAD-CAM of programming CATIA       CERTIFICATION EN9100/2003 ISO 9001:2000, BOTH BY LLOYD'S REGISTER HOMOLOGATIONS. AERNNOVA, EADS-HOUSE, FAGOR...       Aeronautics, machine - tool, automatisms, automotive. Partner of the cluster of Aeronautics of the Basque Country (Hegan) and of the center of Aeronautical Technologies (CTA)
CALDERERIA JUNCAL, S.L. Calle Zuazobidea, n° 34 Jundiz   01015 Vitoria-Gasteiz ALAVA +34 945 29 18 70 +34 945 29 18 71 -                       Boilermaking in general, stainless steel, aluminium, as well as other materials; metallic structures for the industry and special welds; tools for machinery and tools                
Castellanos y Echevarría-Vitoria S.A. CEVISA Concejo, 8 Betoño 01013 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 261 299 +34 945 264 455 D. Jorge Caballé                     Manufacture and design of insert holder machines, made and developed with own patent. Manufacture and design of special machinery under customer design, sets, parts and pieces, the manufacture, design and carved of all kinds of gears and the manufacture of speed reducers.     Overhead cranes up to 6tm ISO 9001 -Three-dimensional. · Hrdness testers · Micrometers. · Alexometers · Tampons it passes it doesn't pass. ·... · grey cast iron and steel. · Smelting aluminium and bronze. · Steels of construction. · stainless Steels. · Bronzes. · Boilermaking   Machine - tool. textile Industry. marine Engines - naval. railway Industry.
CASTMETAL SL Júndiz 25 Júndiz 01015 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945184700 +34 945184722   D. José Angel Chillida                       Steel mill       ISO 9001       MACHINERY CONSTRUCTION RAILROAD SPECIAL VEHICLES
CEFALUX SL Kapelamendi 10 Betoño 01013 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 254 625 +34 945 268 814                         Design and manufacture of electrical automatisms. Building automation. Industrial robotics. Programming PLC's, HMI's and SCADA's ENERGY CONTROL, standard for monitoring and energetic management of buildings     Wonderware certified developer Johnson Controls certified developer Sauters certified developer Sofrel certified developer Manufacturer UL508A Certification ISO9001: 2015 Equipment for test of electrical cabinets according to norm IN JOINS 61439. Marked EC Electrical and electronic material of the first brands: Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell, Schneider, Omron, ABB   Automation of plants of purification, treatment and water pumping. Industrial automation in steel mills and cement plants. Automation motor sector. Automation food-processing industry. Machine tool.
CHAPANOR, S.A. C/ Paduleta, nº 37 Júndiz 01015 Vitoria-Gasteiz ALAVA +34 945 29 17 74 +34 945 29 17 75 Iñaki Guinea                     19 Thin - average boilermaking       ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 15085 y 3834-2   - Sheet of steel to the carbon, stainless steel and aluminium - Pipe of the same characteristics that the sheet    
COMBISA Portal de Vergara, 36   01013 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 130 328 +34 945 140 439 Dª Asun Rodríguez                       Court and print of platens and bars of copper, curled of bars up to 25 mm and pipes up to 35 mm. Weld TIG and MIG of aluminium and stainless steel. Print and court of sheet of steel, of copper, aluminium and stainless steel. Assembly of sets and subsets. Straightened, court, bevelling and threaded of all kinds of ribbing. Court, punching, mechanized, curled and folded of bars and platens of copper.       ISO 9001:2000C BY AENOR, NUMBER OF RECORD ER-0878-2003       ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTS OF HALF AND MEDIUM VOLTAGE, TRANSFORMERS, GYMNASTIC DEVICES, BICYCLES AND MOPEDS
CONEXIONES Y CABLEADOS VITORIA SA COYCAVI Becolarra 2 Pb. 1 Ali-Gobeo 01010 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945246888 +34 945227110 D. Mikel Segura                     48 Manufacture of electrical and electronic wiring. Assembly of boxes and electrical and electronic cabinets.       • ISO-9001/2015 • UL/CSA ZPFW2 -2PFW8 E39339 • IPC / WHMA · automatic Equipments of continuity and pinout. · automatic Equipments of dielectric rigidity and isolation. · Banks of control and check of wiring, mallets and electrical cabinets. · Banks of control in warm of wiring and automatisms. · automatic Equipments of measurement of the resistance to the traction of the imbedded. · Cables and hoses with different coverings. · nake and isolated Terminals, in band and separated. · Connectors of all kinds under procedure UNE, MIL   · Electronics, machine tool, telecommunication, renewable energies, railway, automotive, domestic appliances....
CONSTRUCCIONES METALICAS AYALA S.L. Bº Markijana, 57   01479 Murga ALAVA 945 39 90 57 945 39 90 61 D. Iñigo Oribe Txabarri                   15000   Average and heavy boilermaking. Mechanized of pieces of great dimension. Mechanized boilermaking. Pressurized Containers.     An overhead crane of 50 Tm. with auxiliary hook of 5 Tm. An overhead crane of 32 Tm. with auxiliary hook of 5 Tm. An overhead crane of 30 Tm. with auxiliary hook of 5 Tm. Four overhead cranes of 10 Tm. A gantry crane of 25 m. Of light (40 m. Important) for 25 Tm. with auxiliary hook of 10 Tm. placed in material stock ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004   Steel   Steelmaking. Naval. Energy. Industrial maintenance.
CROMADOS REXGON SL Avda. Cantábrico 4 Pab. 13-14 Gamarra   01013 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 278 196 +34 945 263 972                           Electrolytic covering on metals - iron, zamak, brass, copper - by means of automatic line, in the following endings: - Nickel brigthness - nickel medium brigthness - dull nickel - chrome brigthness - chrome medium brigthness - dull chrome - Brass plus electrolytic lacquer - alkaline copper - acid copper we Can give bath to pieces of more than two meters of length, with a depth of vats of 1,5 meters.         Chamber of saline fog. Thickness gauge Laboratory Copper, nickel, chrome, salt and additives   Locksmithing, lighting, white line, etc...
Desarrollos Industriales SA DEINSA Arangutxi 6 Júndiz 01015 Vitoria-Gasteiz ALAVA +34 945 29 00 51 +34 945 29 09 11 D. David del Amo                     40 Processes of mechanization and manufacture: lathing, bar-turning.       UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000   Metals.   Automotive, wind sector, hydraulic, petrochemistry, construction, thermal, defense.
DIMEC DISEÑO SL Avda. San Blas 7 of. 4 Gojain   01171 Legutiano ALAVA +34 945 465972 +34 945 465975 D. Luciano Alavarez                     15 Design, construction, installation of machines and automated systems. Outsourcing in engineering, manufacture and integration. Supplier of integral solutions key in hand.               Smelting. Renewable energies. Investigation. Naval. Capital goods. Automotive. Channeling. Processed of sheet. Renewable energies. Metallic structures.
Ditrel Industrial SL C/ Gerezpea Nº2 Júndiz 01015 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 292 120 +34 661 718 404 Elisabeth Fernández           Euskera       2000 9 Manufacture of spikes for electrical network. Submarine connector for generators of offshore energy.                
ELFER S.COOP. Parque Empresarial Inbisa, Avda. de los Olmos 1 Pab.12-13C Betoño 01013 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ALAVA +34 945 274 950 :+ 34 945 279235 D. Juan Ignacio Fernández de Pinedo                       Manufacture of Rotary cutting tools in Hard Metals, HssCo, HssPM, Nitride of Silicon and Cermet for diverse applications as milling, drilling and reaming. Milling cutters, O-rings, Spherical, Conical, in T, Of three cuttings, roughing and finishing. Drill bits, Straight, tiered, tapping, with internal cooling. Countersinks and reamers.     IMPLANTATION OF ISO NORM 9001:2008. 1 Specific machine of dimensional control for tool of cutting Helicheck CNC. 1 Profile projector Starret HB400 Cuadracheck. 1 Equipment Presetting Toolmaster. 1 Microscope with table of coordinates MITUTOYO TM. Equipment of instruments of measurement from time to time calibrated (micrometers, calibres, probes, clocks comparadores ...) HSSCO, HSSPM, HARD METALS, NITRIDE OF SILICON, CERMET.   AUTOMOTIVE, AERONAUTICS, CUTTING, MOLDS, COUNTERFOILS, VALVING, LOCKSMITHING, BIOTECHNOLOGY, MACHINE TOOL.
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