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Vocabulario: partes de un coche en inglés

Tal vez hablas con fluidez en ingles pero llega al momento de alquilar un coche y de repente hay mucho vocabulario: partes de un coche en inglés que no sabes o nunca has utilizado. Aquí te enseñamos las partes del exterior del coche para que tu próxima adventura sea más emocionante.

Vocabulario para el exterior del coche

Translations and examples – Parts of a car

  • Tyre (UK) / Tire (US) – neumático / llanta  
    • I was late to work today because I got a flat tyre.
  • Wheel – rueda
    • A song that we sing to our children is called ‘The wheels on the bus go round and round’.
  • Mirror – espejo  
    • I always use my mirrors before changing lanes so I know there is no one next to me.
  • Indicator (UK) / Turn signal (US) –  indicador 
    • I really can’t stand it when people do not use their indicators in a roundabout.
  • Headlight – las luces cortas 
    • I think most cars today have automatic headlights that come on when it is dark outside.
  • Number plate (UK) / License plate (US) – matricula  
    • When I was young we would play a game to see who could find a license plate from each state.
  • Bumper – parachoques
    • I scratched the bumper a little on my way out the garage. I hope my insurance will cover it.
  • Bonnet (UK) / Hood (US) – capó
    • Pop the hood so we can check the oil.
  • Windscreen (UK) / Windshield (US) – paraprisas 
    • We had a crack in the windshield so we had to get it replaced.
  • Windscreen wipers (UK) / Windshield wipers (US) – limpiaparaprisas
    • We have automatic windscreen wipers on our car, so the speed adjusts to the amount of rain falling.
  • Aerial (UK) / Antenna (US) – antena 
    • A few years ago, people were stealing all the antennas from the cars. It was really annoying.
  • Hood (UK) / Trunk (US) – maletero / baúl 
    • The reason why we decided to buy this car instead of the blue one is because this one has a bigger trunk.  

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