off the cuff – Thanksgiving and Black Friday

We are back! Last week we talked about Halloween and today we talk about some myths about Thanksgiving and the origins of Black Friday. Listen, check the vocabulary below and enjoy!


Thanksgiving – Día de Acción de Gracias Fast forward – move forward quickly
Myth – something that people say but may not be true Crashing stock market – the value of the all tradable investments fail
pilgrims – the first people from England
to move to the US
Change the narrative- change the story that people know and hear
Mayflower- the name of the boat the
pilgrims came on
Black Friday – The day after Thanksgiving when all the Christmas sales begin
harvest- the time to collect food from the
Christmas season- The time dedicated to celebrating Christmas
whitewashing – an attempt to stop people finding out the true facts about a situation Stuff your face – eat too much
in any way, shape or form – in any way at all Retail – the act of selling goods to the public
disease – and illness caused by infection or
failure of health
Retail therapy – the act of buying things for yourself in order to feel better when you areunhappy

State aid: Commission approves Spanish “umbrella” scheme to support economy in coronavirus outbreak

More specifically, under this “umbrella” scheme, the Spanish authorities will be able to provide liquidity support to self-employed, small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs) and large companies in the form of direct grants, repayable advances, tax and payment advantages, guarantees on loans and subsidised interest rates for loans.

This is a HUGE deal that will hopefully move things forward and help companies with the incredibly difficult decisions they need to be making today about the futures of their employees and company. Click here to read the full report.

Myth Busters

There is a lot of misinformation out there and as the spread of COVID-19 seems to be slowing down and hopefully life starts to return to some kind of ‘normal’, it’s important to know what to believe and what to follow so that we all continue in the right direction! So, click here and find out what the WHO is declaring fact and myth.

Bill Gates BBC Breakfast

BBC One – Breakfast

Last month we shared a video of Bill Gates from years ago predicting the epidemic we are currently living. This month we are sharing a video of him talking about what should be done now and in the future on BBC Breakfast (Another great source for English!). It’s an interesting watch and we think we need to start listening to him and scientists who know what they are talking about, so click here to go to BBC Breakfast or watch the Youtube video of the same interview below (remember with Youtube videos you can also put on automated subtitles).

8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You

Everyone is working from home right now or maybe just home and not working. Either way, in order to keep your sanity (and mine) these 8 tips are actually quite useful. Click here to read the full article and take a minute or two to comment on what’s working for you right now?

NPR is a great source of news. They have articles but also a number of wonderful radio programs. My favorite program is This American Life. I posted one of the shows here on the Blog.