How to carve a pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is an easy and fun way to decorate your house for Halloween. Follow these simple steps and please send us your pictures!

First you want to cover your table well. You will also need two bowls, some spoons, a marker and some sharp knives.

Next you need to draw a circle around the top and carve out the circle. Keep the top as you will use it later!

Here comes the messy part! Take out and separate the seeds from the insides of the pumpkin. Don´t throw away the seeds. We will use them later!

After I use my hands to clean as much as possible, I use a spoon to scrape the sides so that the inside of the pumpkin is nice and clean. Plus, this way it is less likely to burn. This is also a good time to clean the outside of the pumpkin and dry it so it is ready to be carved.

Draw a face, an animal or anything you want on the front of the pumpkin. Faces can be happy, scary, silly, or simple. It is much easier to carve triangles and squares than to carve circles.

Use a knife to cut out the drawn pieces on the pumpkin. Once you have carved your pumpkin, stick a small candle on the inside and see how it lights up. Put the top back on for an added glow.

Don’t forget those pumpkin seeds! Clean them well and dry them completely. Add some olive oil and salt and roast them in the oven for 15 minutes at 175ºC. You can also add other spices such as cayenne, curry, cumin, etc.

Off the cuff – Episode 3: Halloween!

One of Clare and I´s favorite times of year is Halloween. We love the holiday, but also the smells and colors of autumn. Listen to our third podcast where we try to explain some of the misconceptions about Halloween. Read below to find out what a misconception is and learn more vocabulary.


Misconceptions – idea equivocada  
Pitch dark – oscuridad total
trick or treat – truco trato
costume – disfraz
sinister – siniestro
play a trick on someone – gastar una broma
elderly – mayores
goodies – dulces
coin – moneda
pennies – un centimo en EEUU
barmbrack – un pan típico de Irlanda
savory-sweet – agri-dulce
Askance – de reojo
pea – guisante

ring – anillo  
rag – trapo   
risk – riesgo
loved ones – seres queridos  
flavor – sabor
lack – falta
death – la muerte
elaborately – detalladamente
mezcal – liquor típico del sur de México
autumn – otoño
neighbors –vecinos
to go commercial – hacerlo al grande
to dress up – ponerse un disfraz
carve pumpkins – esculpir calabazas
turnips – nabos

Shepherd’s / Cottage Pie

Clare brings us a truly versatile dish that all adults and kids will love. Perfect for these cold days and even better as left overs! Don’t forget to check some new vocabulary down below.


Stroke – /
Sheep – oveja
minced beef – carne picada
brought up – criada
chopped – picado
sauté – salteado
without further ado – sin mas demora  
diced – en dados
pick something out – sacar con dedos
hail storm – granizado
where the hell is… donde coño esta…
beef stock – caldo de carne
don’t be mean to your mashed potatoes – usa una buena cantidad de patatas
pressure cooker – olla exprés
kettle – tetera
thingamajig – chisme, cosa
lumps – grumos
potato masher – pasapures
creamy – cremosa
sealed – cerrado
crispy – tostado, crujiente