off the cuff with Clare and Annie

Off the cuff : an English Podcast with Clare and Annie

‘Off the cuff’ is a common expression meaning to improvise or to do something in an unprepared manner. The meaning comes from journalists or even actors who wrote down short notes on their cuffs (puños), later having to improvise on what they had written.

Episode 1: Locked up in Lockdown


Locked up – to be in jail
Lockdown – a temporary situation imposed by the government where the population must stay at home and/or limit activities outside your home for public safety.
Face to Face – in person, commonly written as f2f
Roller-coaster – Montaña Rusa – in the context here, it’s used to say there have been a lot of emotional ‘ups and downs’
A state of shock – an upsetting feeling due to an unexpected situation
To climb the walls – to feel anxious or frustrated because you want to do something but can’t or because you have lots of energy but can’t do anything with that energy.
Up-skill – to acquire more advanced skills in a specific area   
Tele-working – working from home or from another location through the internet
Hybrid learning – learning using a mix of face to face and on-line classes
Hybrid working – working partially from home and in the office
The silver lining – comes from the expression ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ meaning that there is always a positive side (the sun coming out behind the storm cloud) to every bad situation
To have teething problems – having problems when starting something new – comes from babies who have problems when their teeth come in
To be ‘techno’ – to be good with technology
Furlough – to temporarily lose your job (erte)
To let someone go – to fire them 
Quarentini – comes from quarantine and martini- refers to a mixed drink you have while on lockdown
To get locked – a colloquial Irish expression to say you have consumed too much alcohol ex: He got locked last weekend drinking too many quarentinies!

Cooking in English Margaritas

Cooking in English – Margaritas

Our favorite Quarentinie!!! This is an easy but delicious mixed drink recipe that anyone can make at home. And it’s just in time for summer (even when its cold and rainy in June)

Cooking in English – Margaritas

Syrup Cocktail
– 50 gm sugar – Syrup
-120 ml water – 90 ml of tequila ( silver, white)
-120 ml lime juice (2-3 limes) – 60 ml orange liqueur ( Cointreau, Gran Marnier, etc.)

Video about systemic racism

Systemic Racism Explained

Henry & Tator (2006) ( ) defined structural racism as ‘…inequalities rooted in the system-wide operation of a society that excludes substantial numbers of members of particular groups from significant participation in major social institutions.’

What is Systemic Racism?

With all the protests going on in the US right now, many people ask ‘How could this happen?’ The thing is that many people within the US don’t even know about many of these policies that were put in place over many years that have a ripple effect on the people of today.

We should all reflect on policies that are put in effect today that may effect us as a society tomorrow.