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The Sub-contracting Services of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Alava, Bilbao and Gipuzkoa have prepared the DATABASE OF INDUSTRIAL SUBCONTRACTING, the intention of which is to strengthen and give dynamism to the external sub-contracting activities of the Basque companies.

More than 300 Basque sub-contracting companies appear on it with a vocation for export in the following sectors: smelting; transformation with and without lifting of chips; thermal and superficial treatments; dies, moulds and casting: tool kits and tools; plastics and rubber; electricity and electronics.

The identification, website, activity, client sector, main machinery, upkeep and control machinery, etc are included for each sub-contracting company.

This information allows purchasers to select possible suppliers from among the Basque sub-contracting companies and send them their requirements via e-mail.

The database includes a list of the Sub-contracting Services in the Basque Country with the name of the person responsible and his e-mail address.

Versions in French, English and German are included, as well as the Spanish version, to make the relationship between purchasers and possible suppliers easier.

The preparation of the CATALOGUE OF INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTING IN THE BASQUE COUNTRY has had the sponsorship of the Basque Government.


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