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CIVEX - Basque industrial and export company catalogue

CIVEX - Basque industrial and export company catalogue

The Basque Industrial and Exporters Company Catalogue comprises more than 7,000 industrial and advanced service companies, as well as exporters.

The catalogue contains information identifying the companies, their location, activity and product, the awards and quality certificates they have been awarded, and their export activity (products, target markets, branches, etc.) in five languages: Basque, Spanish, English, French and German. Besides the information on the companies, their URL is also provided, which makes the Catalogue a gateway to the WEB contents of each one of the companies.

Over the years the Catalogue has consolidated its status as a useful tool for publicising Basque companies at home and abroad, and this success has encouraged us to continue to enhance and promote it.

The Catalogues consolidation as a tool for promotion is based mainly on two factors:

  1. The collaboration between the Department of Industry, Trade, Innovation and Tourism and the three Basque Chambers of Commerce, joining efforts, has helped to increase the number of companies in the Catalog, as well as improving the quality of information.
  2. The second outstanding aspect is the selection of important information added for each company in order to characterise the Basque business fabric, and the fact that all this information is updated regularly.

Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism is fully aware that the utility of this Catalogue depends on the accuracy of the information it contains. Since the industrial sector is a dynamic and enterprising sector, its collaboration is needed to achieve ongoing updates. Thus, if you wish to join this Catalogue or change any data in it please let us know using the "Update Information" utility.

CIVEX - The Basque Industrial and Exporters Company Catalogue

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